Dining Room

How to Design the Perfect Dining Room

The dining room is a special place in the home. While it may not be used each and every day, it’s often where families come together to celebrate holidays, milestones and more. If you want to ensure your dining room is a worthy setting for making memories, here are several tips for designing the perfect space to share special occasions with your loved ones.

Focus on Functionality
First and foremost, your dining area should be functional. That means it’s able to accommodate groups of varying sizes and can easily be accessed from the kitchen to allow for seamless entertaining. You might also want to have a wet bar nearby so you can refresh drinks without having to leave the room.

Identify Focal Points
When designing your dining space, it helps to know what your main focal points will be. It could be a scenic view, a grand fireplace or an artistic chandelier that catches the eye as soon as one enters. Once these have been identified, you can design around your focal points to help them stand out and ensure your dining room is a memorable place to gather. If you need to make a large room feel more intimate, try adding layers, like stylish window treatments and an elegant rug, to visually fill out the space.

Look to the Lighting
It may take some work to get just the right lighting in your dining room. A balance between task and ambient lighting will often require designing a space with a chandelier or pendants above the table, as well as sconces on the walls. In order to have the flexibility for any type of occasion, it’s a good idea to have dimmers in your dining room. A smart lighting system, in particular, will give you complete control to match any mood.

Optimize Acoustics
Acoustics, of course, is an important consideration if you want everyone to be able to talk at a comfortable volume. If you have stone or hardwood floors, a rug can certainly help to absorb sound and make it easier to converse while everyone’s eating. Fabric wallpapers are another popular solution to reduce the reflection of sound waves in the dining room.

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